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I’m all for making deliciously healthy pizzas, but sometimes i just want a quick fix, and then it doesn’t really matter what i put on it. I usually like putting veggies on it, like broccoli and spinach and so on but this time i decided to just go for fake cheese and pepperoni. The reason why i don’t use ‘real’ cheese is simply because dairy products and i don’t get along at all no matter how ‘lactose free’ they claim to be.

What i used:

  • Santa Maria Pizza Tortilla (you can use normal wheat tortillas too but they get crispy way too fast)
  • Peppes pizza sauce (tomato sauce from a pizza restaurant chain here in Norway)
  • Wilmersburger Pizzaschmelz (‘cheese’ made from coconut oil and other stuff)
  • Pepperoni


After you’ve put what you want on your tortilla, all you need to do is bake it in the oven, it says to put it in on 250 degrees celsius but i found that to be too warm so i did 225. After 5 to 8 minutes the cheese should be melted and the tortilla should be slightly crispy around the edges.

It’s not the most filling meal with just one but it keeps me going for quite a while. The tortillas come in a pack of 4 so i could make two at a time if i want.

Do you ever make tiny pizzas for fun? 


‘Homemade’ whole grain  pizzas are my favorite! Ever since i began making them myself, I can’t even eat frozen pizza at all anymore. And since i can’t have dairy, it’s a whole lot easier to make them myself than to try to find a brand i can eat.

Below you will find my favorite combination of toppings.

Here’s what you will need:


A third of an onion, preferably in whole rings. You can chop it up in tiny little cubes too if you want, i just like the rings better.


Cut up cherry tomatoes (or any other tomatoes you like) and sliced mushrooms. I have no idea how many i used of each, i just cut up more after i started placing the toppings because somehow i never cut enough no matter how many i use.


A pizza sauce of your choice, i love this basil and oregano tomato sauce.


Thinly sliced ham, or any other kind of meat that you like. I like using normal or cured ham, depending on what taste i want. Pepperonis work too!


A ‘healthy’ dough! I used a store bought flour  mix that only contains like 25% wheat flour, the rest is a mix of rye and oats i think. It only needs to be mixed with lukewarm water.


After mixing it, leave it to rest for 10 minutes, it makes it easier to roll it out.


After the 10 minutes are up, roll it out however thick you want it. I prefer it to be a bit more on the thinner side. If you want a more fluffy dough, leave it to rest at this point for 30 minutes.


After it’s done resting (if you choose that step), start spreading the sauce and the toppings on the pizza. I’m sure you’re noticing that there’s no cheese, i would get a horrible stomach ache if i used any. I’ve found replacements but my local grocery store is always out of it so  i have just learned to live without it! After i’m done putting everything on there (i added some leftover broccoli that i had in the fridge), i put it in the oven on around 200 degrees Celsius for fifteen minutes. That is 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


I kind of forgot it in the oven for a bit too long so some of the ham was overcooked so i replaced it with some fresh slices, it would have looked a bit more golden and cooked if that didn’t happen!

So this is the healthiest pizza i have made at least, usually i love topping it with bacon and all sorts of unhealthy crap.

What is your favorite kind of pizza? 

I found a recipe for a vegan sandwich online quite some time ago, i cannot quite remember where but it has been a part of my life since. I have omitted it a slight bit but it is still true to its origins.

Here is what you will need to recreate my version of it:

  • Bread of your choice, anything goes. I use white bread because my digestive system cannot handle ‘heavy’ food.
  • Some tomato sauce or other condiment to ‘glue’ the spinach onto the bread.
  • Fresh and newly washed spinach.
  • Some paprika, or bell peppers as its called.
  • Squash, preferably slightly thick slices.
  • Half of an avocado
  • Some spices and vegan butter to cook the veggies in. You can use oil too if you prefer that.

Since squash pretty much adapts to whatever flavor you add to it, the sandwich can end up tasting totally different every time you use it. You can also choose different kind of sauces to use between the bread and the spinach, i tend to use a slightly spicy tomato sauce.


All you need to do is put some spinach onto the bread, toss the squash and the bell pepper into the frying pan along with some salt and pepper and any other spice you would wish to add.


Once they are done cooking you arrange them on top of the spinach, i like to put down the squash first, then the bell pepper and then i scoop some avocado on top of it. If you want it to look fancy you can slice up the avocado instead. I’m really just too lazy to make it look pretty.


You can choose to eat it with just the bottom slices of bread or add a second to the top. Usually i let the bread fry a bit in the leftover juices from the veggies but i forgot this time. And since i only use half of the avocado, i like to sprinkle the other half with some salt and eat it with the sandwiches.


So there you go! This doesn’t take long to make, it really just depends on how well cooked you want your veggies to be!

Do you have any sandwich recipes that you love? Feel free to share them with me. They don’t have to be vegan, i just try to eat vegan often to keep my body in balance.


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