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So lately there has been an influx of vegetarian and vegan products in the grocery stores here, something I’m happy about! There is a lot of vegan products that I can’t use because I’m allergic to Soy products, but recently there has been a lot of new products based on pea protein and other things that are completely soy free. A store chain here in Norway called Coop has released a whole lot of different things like beet burgers, mushroom burgers, corn sliders and what I had for dinner the other day, seasoned taco stuffing made from pea protein. They also have campaigns for meat free Mondays where they share recipes you could try and I really love this change. I’m not fully vegan but I go meat free as often as I can, gradually cutting down on my consumption when I find replacements that are soy free.

Here’s what I had, it totally looks meat, doesn’t it? My dad thought it was, stole a few pieces from the leftovers I brought them and was weirded out by the texture. It does taste great though and it worked well with tortillas, vegan cheese and iceberg lettuce. I usually have a lot more mixed in with my tacos but I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store to buy even more. Sometimes simple meals are the best meals. Do you ever choose vegan options over regular options? If you don’t then you should try it! You’ll feel better about choosing a more healthy lifestyle, just make sure to do it right.


“Soy free” “0% meat or fish” “A source of protein, gluten free, sustainable”


All you gotta do is fry it in some oil or butter for a few minutes.


Uten navn



Day 3. Your favorite Christmas recipe/food

This is actually what we eat on the 25th, or, we used to eat it, before my grandmother just recently passed away. Every year on the 25th the whole family would gather at her place for dinner.

What we had was a whole trout, baked in the oven with dill, sliced lemons and loads of butter and spices. It was a lovely way to calm our stomachs down after a heavy Christmas dinner the night before. We had potatoes and pickled cucumber slices and heavy cream as side dishes. This pretty much sounds like a typical Norwegian meal, haha.

What you would need:

  • A whole trout (or two, depending on how many you are serving)
  • One whole lemon
  • Some dill
  • Any kind of butter, i would recommend herb butter if you can get your hands on that
  • Any spices you love to have with fish
  • Whatever you would like as side dishes.

All you need to do is to slice the fish open (it should have been cleaned out at the fisherman’s store) and fill it with the lemon, dill, butter and spices. This is generally an easy dinner to make, and it’s not that expensive either if you’re lucky enough to find a place that sells good trout. It’s kinda funny how they always advice us to eat more fish, then charge ridiculous prices for it. Anyways, this was not supposed to be a discussion about economics!


What is your favorite Christmas recipe?


Day 2. Favourite Christmas tradition.

My favorite tradition was the entirety of Christmas Eve itself. In the morning we would wake up to watch the Disney Christmas specials on the telly, then we would clean the house and set the tables after breakfast. Then mum would start cooking and preparing the food and we would stay occupied until it was time for dinner.

During dinner it would be so quiet because everyone was busy eating, and no one really had anything else to say than “Oh this was quite good!”

After dinner we would have like an hour of downtime to let the food set in our tummies before it was time for dessert. Mum would make rice pudding and god knows what else and we would eat until we were so full that we barely were able to open our presents.

Another hour would pass after the dessert was done and someone would be too impatient to wait any longer. One person would take the role as the present giver and would hand them out one by one, letting one open theirs before moving on to the next. Opening and handing out gifts never really took a long time since we were a small family (even smaller now after a lot of family members have passed away) and we would be done in like half an hour.

After everything was done people would either fall asleep because they were so full, watch the telly until they fell asleep or do anything else until the same thing happened. So that is Christmas for me, eating so much until you knock out.

Sadly, as i grew older and had to work every Christmas Eve i haven’t gotten to experience it like this in ages. I’m just wishing for it to happen again soon.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

I found this fun challenge that can keep you busy during Christmas! You don’t have to do twelve consecutive days, but make sure to do all twelve before Christmas morning.


Day 1. List your favorite things about Christmas

  • Seasonal drinks
  • Exterior lighting
  • How cozy our home feels with the decorations up
  • Christmas scented candles. Loving anything cinnamon right now.
  • Decorating the tree to make it just perfect.
  • Baking, lot’s of baking!
  • Eating dinner with the family on Christmas eve.
  • Seeing the looks on peoples faces when they open their presents.
  • Waking up early to watch the typical Christmas TV shows on Christmas Eve.
  • The advent calendars! I have a tea calendar this year and i love it.
  • Hearing Christmas songs wherever i go.
  • Working during the holidays because my pay is pretty much doubled.
  • Having time off from University, and being able to actually read other books than my textbooks.


What are your favorite things about Christmas?

I’m all for making deliciously healthy pizzas, but sometimes i just want a quick fix, and then it doesn’t really matter what i put on it. I usually like putting veggies on it, like broccoli and spinach and so on but this time i decided to just go for fake cheese and pepperoni. The reason why i don’t use ‘real’ cheese is simply because dairy products and i don’t get along at all no matter how ‘lactose free’ they claim to be.

What i used:

  • Santa Maria Pizza Tortilla (you can use normal wheat tortillas too but they get crispy way too fast)
  • Peppes pizza sauce (tomato sauce from a pizza restaurant chain here in Norway)
  • Wilmersburger Pizzaschmelz (‘cheese’ made from coconut oil and other stuff)
  • Pepperoni


After you’ve put what you want on your tortilla, all you need to do is bake it in the oven, it says to put it in on 250 degrees celsius but i found that to be too warm so i did 225. After 5 to 8 minutes the cheese should be melted and the tortilla should be slightly crispy around the edges.

It’s not the most filling meal with just one but it keeps me going for quite a while. The tortillas come in a pack of 4 so i could make two at a time if i want.

Do you ever make tiny pizzas for fun?