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My favorite thing to do is to try out weird or bold eye looks, and when I just so happen to find a ‘new’ palette to play with, plus some other colors on the side, I won’t say no. I have spent many hours of my life playing with make up, creating strange eye looks and just wiping it off soon after if I’m not happy with it. A few years ago I used to have a gold and green duo shadow from H&M that I absolutely loved, and the green shade was so dark and suit my eyes so well but I have never found any shades to recreate it ever since, until now. Well, it’s not an exact duplicate of it, but it is close enough!


A bit chunky, but still a good gold shade.



Top row


Bottom row

The purple look

First I wanted to just see how crazy I could get with the colors, having purple and gold as my other favorite gold combo, i decided to try to make a look from it too. For some reason gold and purple makes me think of the fictional nation of Orlais, from the Dragon Age universe. Their style is really posh and over the top and that is how the gold/purple combo is making me feel. I first tried to use the purple shade that came with the palette but it just showed up slightly brown, so i guess its taupe? Instead I ended up using a purple eye shadow from H&M that was on sale for 10 NOK (around a dollar). I used a wet brush and it showed up pretty good! It took a few layers to make it as intense as I wanted but it layered well so that was no problem. The gold shade from the palette didn’t layer as well though, Maybelline is pretty notorious for having chalky eye shadows and this was no exception. It gave it some texture, not necessarily what I like in an eye shadow, but at least it had somewhat of a metallic shimmer.


I focused on making the outer edge more opaque so it looks a tiny bit patch in the crease in the picture below, but it wasn’t noticeable when i had my eyes open so I didn’t really care. I also noticed it’s pretty easy to see that my hair is two different colors now too, I’m growing out the black color so almost half of my hair is a lighter brown color now. All in all I’m pretty happy with how the eye look turned out. Maybe I could have smoked out/blended the edges better but it doesn’t really matter to me if it has a harsh edge.


The green look

As for the green look, I took a lighter metallic ish shade and layered on top of the gold to mute it a bit, then using a mix of the green shade in the Maybelline palette and a green H&M shade. I was a little bit disappointed since the green shade in the palette wasn’t as pigmented, but I’m sure they were going for a more subtle shade, letting the gold dominate the whole palette. The H&M shade was a whole lot brighter but more sheer so it didn’t do much apart from adding a slight sheen on top of it all. Doing dual colors like this was my favorite thing to do in high school, and I rarely went a day without it in some kind of variety. This look isn’t bold compared to the other so it was way easier to wear it casually, and it still is to this day.


Being able to find something similar to what I used before has rekindled my love for make up a little bit, and I feel myself wanting to sit down in front of the mirror and play with the colors. Maybe I can end up with a blue and purple eye look too, or blue and gold.. or.. well, time will show! For now I’m just going to replicate this look over and over until i tire from it completely.


Do you have a go-to look? Or did you use to have one that you would love to recreate? Tell me all about it!

Uten navn



Sometime last year I decided to re-paint my dresser, which was just a dull wooden dresser with nothing particularly interesting about it. I settled on going for black and a bronze-y gold kind of metallic paint but the end result was so incredibly streaky and not what I had in mind at all. However, procrastination won and I never got around to try to fix that problem at all, even if I see it every day.

I have re-painted the bottom drawer now and as you can see, it already looks a whole lot better and a whole lot more opaque. I just hope my motivation sticks with me to finish the other three because it’s not even a difficult task. The downside about using a metallic paint like this is that it isn’t really safe to touch or anything until after a whole 24 hours, and I can’t have my floor full of drawers for that long! This might not apply to every single metallic paint that is out there, but this was the only brand that the hardware store carried and I was not really wanting to drive for hours to the next city just to try to find a different brand.


When I was still in college I was studying interior design and things like this was my favorite thing in the world, so it is weird how our interests change over the years. I wish I still had a passion for it because I love DIY projects and I love upcycling and reusing older furniture. I have taken upon myself to convert old t-shirts into fabric totes that I can use for groceries and fruits and all that when I’m at the store so that I can try to cut down on plastic waste. Maybe I’ll make a post about it when they’re done, showing the process and all that!

I have been trying to be more kind to the environment in general lately, so I’m always looking into more ways to choose more environmentally safe alternatives. — Anyways, this post was about painting, not about being natures super hero!

Have you done any up-cycling or DIY projects lately? I’m excited to hear about it. 

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♥ Silk Blanket Mask Gold


These masks are both holographic sheet masks and they look really cool! They have holographic foil on the outside and a jelly infused silk layer on the inside. Once out of the package, this golden variety has a very strong floral scent and i didn’t really care much for that. The mask feels very heavy in your hands, mostly because of the gold foil and it feels equally as heavy on the face. It kind of felt like it was slipping downwards a lot. silk-gold-04

The mask contains ingredients like egg yolk, silk protein, camellia oil and royal jelly extract and is said to give gloss to your skin, to firm it, brighten it and to give moisture. You’re supposed to keep the mask on for about 10 to 20 minutes, because of the scent i couldn’t manage to keep it on for more than 10 at most. It also gave some kind of stinging sensation while i was wearing it too. After i removed it i massaged in the excess and gave it some time to get absorbed completely. My skin felt softer, it was less red than before and it felt more moisturized. I discovered after a while that the moisturized feeling was because it kind of formed a sticky film on top of my skin that refused to dry or absorb, not quite sure why that happened! But overall, it did something for my skin at least so i cannot say it was a complete waste of time.

Would i buy it again? Probably not! If the scent was different it could have been a yes!

♥ Silk Blanket Mask Silver


Like the other one, this is also a holographic foil mask, and it is equally as heavy! When it comes to the scent, however, this smells more like soap and not so much like flowers so it was way easier for me to keep this on for the full 20 minutes. This silver variety does not contain egg yolk, but rather egg whites, hydrolyzed silk proteins, goat milk and peony extracts. It is supposed to brighten, moisturize and smooth out the skin, so it is a completely different formula to the other mask. source

While having it on, i couldn’t feel any stinging, which makes me think that when i felt it with the other, it could have been that they plump the skin to make it feel tighter. It felt like this package contained more serum than the other and the mask kept sliding down further than the other so i ended up sitting with my head tilted back for twenty minutes instead of doing office work like i normally do when using sheet masks. When i was finished i massaged in the excess like i normally do and my skin felt soft and supple and nice. I tried this mask one week after trying the gold variety just so i could see more visible differences between them. In contrast to the other, this one did not leave behind that weird, sticky film on my skin so if i had to recommend just one of these, the silver one would be the way to go!

Would i buy it again? Most likely! It yielded way better results than the previous and it was more comfortable to use.

Have you tried any holographic face masks before?