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So lately there has been an influx of vegetarian and vegan products in the grocery stores here, something I’m happy about! There is a lot of vegan products that I can’t use because I’m allergic to Soy products, but recently there has been a lot of new products based on pea protein and other things that are completely soy free. A store chain here in Norway called Coop has released a whole lot of different things like beet burgers, mushroom burgers, corn sliders and what I had for dinner the other day, seasoned taco stuffing made from pea protein. They also have campaigns for meat free Mondays where they share recipes you could try and I really love this change. I’m not fully vegan but I go meat free as often as I can, gradually cutting down on my consumption when I find replacements that are soy free.

Here’s what I had, it totally looks meat, doesn’t it? My dad thought it was, stole a few pieces from the leftovers I brought them and was weirded out by the texture. It does taste great though and it worked well with tortillas, vegan cheese and iceberg lettuce. I usually have a lot more mixed in with my tacos but I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store to buy even more. Sometimes simple meals are the best meals. Do you ever choose vegan options over regular options? If you don’t then you should try it! You’ll feel better about choosing a more healthy lifestyle, just make sure to do it right.


“Soy free” “0% meat or fish” “A source of protein, gluten free, sustainable”


All you gotta do is fry it in some oil or butter for a few minutes.


Uten navn


‘Homemade’ whole grain  pizzas are my favorite! Ever since i began making them myself, I can’t even eat frozen pizza at all anymore. And since i can’t have dairy, it’s a whole lot easier to make them myself than to try to find a brand i can eat.

Below you will find my favorite combination of toppings.

Here’s what you will need:


A third of an onion, preferably in whole rings. You can chop it up in tiny little cubes too if you want, i just like the rings better.


Cut up cherry tomatoes (or any other tomatoes you like) and sliced mushrooms. I have no idea how many i used of each, i just cut up more after i started placing the toppings because somehow i never cut enough no matter how many i use.


A pizza sauce of your choice, i love this basil and oregano tomato sauce.


Thinly sliced ham, or any other kind of meat that you like. I like using normal or cured ham, depending on what taste i want. Pepperonis work too!


A ‘healthy’ dough! I used a store bought flour  mix that only contains like 25% wheat flour, the rest is a mix of rye and oats i think. It only needs to be mixed with lukewarm water.


After mixing it, leave it to rest for 10 minutes, it makes it easier to roll it out.


After the 10 minutes are up, roll it out however thick you want it. I prefer it to be a bit more on the thinner side. If you want a more fluffy dough, leave it to rest at this point for 30 minutes.


After it’s done resting (if you choose that step), start spreading the sauce and the toppings on the pizza. I’m sure you’re noticing that there’s no cheese, i would get a horrible stomach ache if i used any. I’ve found replacements but my local grocery store is always out of it so  i have just learned to live without it! After i’m done putting everything on there (i added some leftover broccoli that i had in the fridge), i put it in the oven on around 200 degrees Celsius for fifteen minutes. That is 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


I kind of forgot it in the oven for a bit too long so some of the ham was overcooked so i replaced it with some fresh slices, it would have looked a bit more golden and cooked if that didn’t happen!

So this is the healthiest pizza i have made at least, usually i love topping it with bacon and all sorts of unhealthy crap.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?